A Healthy Baby!

When R' Yosef was in Williamsburg, a distraught grandfather-to-be came over to him. The prenatal sonograms all showed that the baby will be born with severe health issues. Needless to say, the family was completely broken. "I promise a large sum of money to RavLehoshia if the child will be born healthy," the grandfather told Reb Yosef.

Amazingly, the baby was born on the day of Reb Shayale'syahrtzeit healthy and well! The grandfather joyfully gave over his contribution, singing Hashem's praises

Profit Recovered!

A businessman told Reb Yosef that an entire shipment of goods from China was delayed, missing the season for which it was needed. He managed to sell barely enough to recover his investment, without making any profit. The loss of profit hit him very hard, and he didn't know what he would do with the huge overstock he was left with.

He contributed to RavLehoshia and prayed in the merit of the Tzadik. Amazingly, that very day he found a customer who purchased his entire stock for a sizeable profit!

Turnaround Trial!

This past Rosh Chodesh Adar (5777-2017), Reb Yosef received a large donation in a Monsey shul from a man who wanted a kamayayeshuos (miracle amulet). On the following Tuesday the man called Reb Yosef, overcome with emotion. "I must tell you what happened!" he gushed

"I purchased the kamaya for a friend of mine who got tripped up in some legal issues and faced a complicated court case. He wore the kamaya at the hearing, and surprisingly, the judge let him off extremely lightly. When the lawyer tried to reduce the sentence to community service, the judge exclaimed: 'This person is a community activist and is doing enough community service already!' He actually let him off scot free! Unbelievable!"

Multiple Yeshuos!

An individual contributed to RavLehoshia and mentioned that he needed three yeshuos. "My son is not settled in a Yeshiva for the coming semester," he said with tears in his eyes, "and I have an older daughter waiting too long for a shiduch. Besides, my parnassah is not doing well."

Two months later he excitedly told Reb Yosef that his daughter became engaged, and his parnassah picked up significantly. "Now I'm still waiting for my son to be accepted into a good yeshiva," he said. The hand of Hashem was clearly evident when the acceptance call finally came on the 3rd of Iyar, Reb Shayale'syahrtzeit!

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