The Smart Inspector — Gebeigt, Nisht Geleigt

During one of my fundraising appeals in Lakewood, a Yid approached me with a tearful story. He had just completed construction on a building, for which he had borrowed over $1.5 million. His plan for repaying the loan was by refinancing once tenants start moving in.

However, a building inspector who was well-known for his efforts to make it harder for Yidden refused to give him the all-important certificate of occupancy (CO) which would allow tenants to move in. Each time the inspector would come to inspect the building, he would point out new problems which needed correcting and a new, later deadline to finish the work. Meanwhile, the debtors were running after him and he can’t take the pressure anymore. The Yid continued, "A friend of mine told me that he has already seen extraordinary yeshuos through supporting Rav L’hoshia. I will therefore also donate as a merit for myself." The Yid gave over his name and left a nice sum for tzedakah.

A few days later, the Yid called me excitedly. The inspector, he said, has changed his mind and has given him a temporary CO, meaning he can already bring in tenants. The Yid immediately donated an additional $1,000 to feed the poor children in Eretz Yisroel.

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