1. A Child for a Child

Some time ago, I was in a shul in Lakewood for a fundraising appeal. When I finished talking, a Litvishe yungerman came over to me and asked, "Were you perhaps in this shul 11 months ago?"

I responded that I had been. “How do you know?” I questioned the yungerman. “Did you arrange for monthly payments?”

The yungerman answered me, "The last time you were here, I heard your drasha and I was very impressed. I have been married for almost four years and I still have no children, so I decided to try out Rav Yeshayala. I undertook to sponsor a child in Eretz Yisroel, and today my child turned two months old... That’s how I knew you were here 11 months ago..."

2. The Tefillos Were Accepted, and the Daughter Got Accepted

A Yid in a shul told me that he used to make monthly payments to Rav Yeshayala’s tzedakah, but stopped when it became a little difficult for him.

The Yid continued, "A short while ago, I had to enroll my child in a school. To my disappointment, she was not accepted in any school. I called Rav L'hoshia and signed back up for the monthly payments. Two days afterward, she was accepted into one of the best schools."

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