A 'Good' Potch at the Holy Tziyun

It has been many years that Reb Chaim D. was one of the regular supporters of Rav Lehoshia. He is not exactly wealthy, but he would give as much as he could, sometimes more and sometimes less.

It happened that Reb Chaim went to work for a real estate company. As a merit for success in his new company, he undertook to increase his donations to Rav L’Hoshia. It did not take long for him to begin working on his first deal. Things moved rapidly, and he began preparing for his first closing. When he glanced at the date set for the closing, he noticed that it fell on 3 Iyar. He decided that he must travel to Kerestir on the yahrtzeit to thank Rav Yeshalayla for the first deal.

He made his preparations, prepared all the documents in advance so that the closing would go smoothly, and he left to the airport for his journey. Reb Chaim was standing at the tziyun in Kerestir, pouring out his heart to the tzaddik when his phone rang. He looked at who it was and saw that it was his boss. And he was unhappy, screaming at him in the loudest tones.

"You fell on your head?” the boss yelled. “We have to go to the closing and you're not here! Did you go to Kerestir?! I don't need a worker like this! When you come back, find yourself a new job!"

Reb Chaim was in shock. He hadn’t in his wildest dreams expected such a potch. Bitter thoughts crossed his mind. "Standing at the tziyun of a tzaddik whose entire avodah was to ensure Yidden have parnasah — l'sovah velo l'razon — and it is at this very place that I should lose my job?” he thought. "And for the very 'sin' of coming to his tziyun?" Nevertheless, he strengthened himself and continued to recite Tehillim.

"When I got home," Reb Chaim recounted, "I started looking for a new job, and I found a position at a different real estate firm. This company was one which dealt only with large deals, of a size that I could only dream of in my old company. Boruch Hashem, the tzaddik plucked me out of the first company and placed me into a much better place. It was indeed a potch, but it was a good potch. I can now afford to donate a lot more to Rav L'Hoshia."

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