Became a Chasan in Three Weeks

It was Gimmel Iyar 5ome to Kerestir and daven for a yeshua. But when I emerged from the tziyun, I felt that I had to do something to connect myself to the neshama of the tzaddik. I determined that I would sponsor a child for a year, and if I become a chasan by Shavuos, I will add an additional $5,000 for Rav Yeshayala’s tzedakah."

The older bochur received the holy "Kamei'a Hayeshuos” and he went on his way.

Exactly three weeks later, ten days before Shavuos, the phone rings in the office of Rav Lehoshia. It was this bochur. He related excitedly that he had just become a chasan and he wanted to pay his debt. He immediately gave over his credit card for the additional $5,000!

It is clear that the chasan enabled the chesed of Rav Yeshayale, and Rav Yeshayala enabled a yeshuah for the chasan.

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