The Doctors Are Speechless

It all started a year ago, early in the winter of 2017, shortly after I gave birth to our first child. I began suffering sharp pain in my abdomen and we went to a doctor identify the cause. A scan revealed a serious problem in one of my internal organs.

From there everything went downhill. The condition grew worse and after a series of tests the doctors told me that I had a growth. While it was not necessary life-threatening, it was unquestionably worrisome. For a young couple it was devastating. I was prescribed dozens of medications, but nothing helped-not even the natural remedies I tried. In the meantime the condition worsened and began affecting my blood system.

We went to a top professor who told me there was no choice but to operate and remove the affected organ. The procedure was going to cost over $10,000, of which we could not afford one penny. A few days after we scheduled the operation my father called us to tell me that when Mommy went out shopping that morning she met a friend who told her about RavLehoshia.

The friend and her husband flew to Kerestir to daven at the kever of Reb Shaya'leand ask that her medical problems clear up. They promised to support a hungry child for one year and to return to the kever as soon as the problem was gone. Not only was she healed shortly after, she also unexpectedly received a sum of money that covered the expense of her return trip!

What was especially incredible about the friend's story was that the woman suffered from the exact same medical problem as I did! It was breathtaking. I felt that the Tzadik was reaching out to me to offer me a yeshuah.

On the spot I called up RavLehoshia and donated a large sum to assist hungry children. Within days I started feeling better. The pain subsided and I felt normal for the first time in over a year and a half! Later testing showed that much of the growth had disappeared and my blood had returned to normal.

My husband and I flew to Kerestirto daven at Reb Shayale'skever. There we poured out at our hearts and davened for my complete recovery. We promised that if the condition disappeared without any organs being removed we would spread the word and encourage others to support hungry children. And we promised to return to thank Hashem for the miracle.

Less than 24 hours after the operation I returned home with all my organs intact. We were in for a further surprise when the total cost of the surgery after insurance payments was less than $800. Ever since we got the Tzadik involved everything fell into place. Now I am keeping my promise by publicizing my story so others can benefit from the Reb Shayale'syeshuos like we did.

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