It's Pouring Water!

Some time ago, a developer started to build a large construction project. One of the first things he needed to make sure was that it was hooked up to a water source, so that there would be enough water for all the homes that would be built there.

He hired a company to dig a well. Despite extensive digging operations, the company did not find any water. The Yid called Rav L'hoshia, left a $1,000 donation and wrote in the kvittel that water should be found. Not just water, he emphasized, but enough for his entire project. The next day, the digging company returned to the site. The plan was that they would try to dig deeper than previously, hoping that water would sprout out. But the supervisor, on a whim, decided instead to dig in a new place. They started digging, and before long water started to come with such force that there was more than enough.

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