The Diamonds Were Released at the Border

During one of my fundraising appeals, a yungerman approached me and tells me the following:

"My father deals in diamonds. It happened once that he had to send $2 million worth of diamonds to another country. He packed it well and sent it out. When several weeks passed and it hadn’t arrived, my father started investigating and it turned out that the gems were held up at the border because the documents somehow didn't match."

"My father tried everything," the yungerman continued, “but nothing helped. One day I said to my father, 'maybe you should give a donation to Rav Yeshayala's tzedakah, Rav L’hoshia. I heard that many Yidden have been helped through it.'"

"My father doesn’t believe in these things," the yungerman tells me, but he kept nagging his father until he gave in and sent in a donation of $180. The next day, the diamonds were released, and it arrived at its destination within a few days.

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