The Insurance Company Changed Its Mind

A Yid, who was preparing to construct a large building on a busy corner in Boro Park, called his insurance agent to get him a policy on the project. After a few days, the agent called him back apologetically, explaining that he doesn’t know what to do. Every company he had called, the agent said, had refused to extend the policy using the same argument — the corner where the building was located, they claimed, was a very dangerous place, and they don’t want to provide any insurance there.

"Do me a favor,” the Yid told the agent. “In about 15 minutes call back any of those companies and ask them again to insure the project. But make sure," he repeated, “don’t call yet until 15 minutes are up." In the interim, the Yid called me and handed over a nice donation. Twenty minutes later the insurance agent calls him back and tells him, "You are a baal mofes. The same company that categorically refused me before, has now given me a policy without any questions asked..."

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