Feed Children to Have Children to Feed

A Yid came over to me in the Vienner beis medrash in Williamsburg, saying that he needed a shidduch for his daughter. I told him that, “If you will help feed children, the Eibishter will help that there will be children to feed..." The Yid immediately gave me $180.

The Yid called me a few weeks later with the happy news that his daughter had become a kalla. The Yid added to me, "This is not the first time I am marrying off a child, and I know that preparations for the chasuna can sometimes lead to tension. I want to give you another $180 as a merit that the chasuna preparations should go smoothly and with peace of mind, and if that happens I will give you another $360 on the day of the wedding." On the day of the chasuna, the Yid called me to say that he had never before had such a peaceful pre-chasuna period. "And the proof is," he declared, "that I have the head to call you on this day." The Yid kept his promise, donating the $360.

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