One Miracle Amulet-Three Shiduchim!

The poor father watched as all around him families found shiduchim for their children: The neighbors' daughter became engaged at 18 1/2, the cousin is already married at age 20 and some of his oldest daughter's friends are already celebrating the arrival of their second child. There is joy and happiness all around, but in his own home the atmosphere is dreary.

His three daughters have come of age, but there is no sign of any shiduch on the horizon. What will become of them?

As the despondent father was walking down the street one day he met a familiar face, a descendant of the famed Tzadik Reb Shaya'le of Kerestir. The man is pulling along a suitcase behind him as he rushes down the sidewalk. "Where are you heading?" the father asks politely.

"Don't you know? We send a messenger to Hungary every month to daven on Erev Rosh Chodesh at the kever of my grandfather in Kerestir on behalf of the sponsors of our organization RavLehoshia. This month I was chosen to be the messenger, and I'm on my way to catch my flight right now. If you want, you can send a request, but try to hurry. I'm in a rush."

"Sure, sure.. if anyone needs a yeshuah it's me-actually, three yeshuos," a sad smile accompanies this statement. On the spot the father hands the messenger enough money to feed a hungry baby or one year. The messenger hands him a a miracle amulet and promises, "You will see tremendous yeshuossoon!"

Three weeks later that messenger learned that the man's oldest daughter had just become a kalah. Two months later the next sister is also engaged. By the time they celebrate the first wedding 2 1/2 months later the third sister has also found her basherte. Three shiduchim in less than six months!

That year on the 3rd of Iyar, the yahrtzeit of the Tzadik, a special triple donation arrived at the office of RavLehoshia. It was from the three young couples, who sponsored three babies for one year as an express of their gratitude to Reb Shaya'le and the organization that carries on his legacy, RavLehoshia.

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