Sending Kvitlech

Messages for Reb Shaya’le

Before his passing Reb Shaya’le told his son to those who continue with his acts of Chesed and daven at his kever each Erev Rosh Chodesh “will undoubtedly see yeshuos!”

Rav Lehoshia sends messengers faithfully each Erev Rosh Chodesh to Kerestir, Hungary to daven at the kever of the Tzadik on behalf of Rav Lehoshia’s sponsors, the warmhearted people like you who are devoted to maintaining the Tzadik’s legacy.

You can be a part of this special event. Along with your generous donation, send us your name and your mother’s name. We will have our representatives place a kvittel bearing your name at the Tzadik’s kever and daven on your behalf.

Support Rav Lehoshia and merit yeshuos—just like those fortunate souls who visited Reb Shaya’le in his lifetime!

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