The Miracle Amulet

One manners in which the tzadik Reb Shaya’le helped many Yidden in need was by writing a kamaya, an amulet containing a special Kabbalistic formula for protection and salvation. Fortunately, some of these precious kamayos have been preserved until today.

One such kamaya was sent to America. Reb Shaya’le had a brother, a holy man in his own right, who lived in New York at the turn of the previous century. A certain individual complained to him that he suffered a lot at the hands of a non-Jewish competitor who opened a laundromat on the same street as he operated his own laundry service, causing him no end of troubles. “Send a telegram to my brother Reb Shaya’le,” the brother advised the distraught man.

Reb Shaya’le responded by urging this Jew to strengthen his Shabbos observance. He sent along a kamaya and instructed the man to hang it inside his laundromat. That night the non-Jew’s laundromat burned down! An investigation discovered that the non-Jewish neighbor had hired an arsonist to set fire to his Jewish competitor’s business. The arsonist looked for the address, but mysteriously he could not find the Jew’s location. So he assumed that the only laundromat he noticed – the one belonging to the non-Jewish rival – was the one he was hired to burn down, which he promptly did.

That kamaya was safeguarded in America for many years. Other kamayos wound up in Eretz Yisrael, each with its own amazing story. Under the guidance of gedolim, a worthy descendent of Reb Shaya’le who is well versed in Kabbalah replicates these precious kamayos using the precise formula of his holy grandfather. These kamayos are offered to those who support the noble cause of Rav Lehoshia in Reb Shayale’s memory. Numerous people testify that obtaining a kamaya has been the catalyst for amazing, often supernatural, yeshuos in their lives

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