The bearer of miracles

When the ultimate Poel Yeshuos intervenes on your behalf.

One of the legendary gifts that Reb Shayele Kerestirer bestowed to his followers, were the special Kemayes that he issued for protection. Drenched with heartfelt tears and Tefillos to Hashem, the amulets provided an everlasting Shmira to those who received them.

Now-days, the descendants of Reb Shayale are continuing their grandfather’s legacy by writing special Kemayes that bring tremendous Bruchah to this world. As the founders of Rav Lehoshia, an organization that feeds starving infants in Isreal, the grandchildren are keeping up with the efforts of their great grandfather by emulating his work of Avodas Hashem.

Due to the rising demand in the past few years, Rav Lehoshia has now worked on a new round of Kemayes that will be available to the public. Endowed with special blessings of protection, thousands have already experienced open miracles and Yeshuos from their end.

As a special new addition, those who purchase the Kamayes, will have their names recited in the daily Tefillos of Reb Shayele’s grandchildren. All proceeds of the Kemayes will go directly to the funding of Rav Lehoshia.

Help continue the legacy of Reb Shayele Kerestirer and receive the ultimate Shmira and blessings in return.

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