The Day of Miracles, ג’ אייר , is approachingFast.

Klal Yisroel is yearning for a direct line to R’ Shaya’le; a Kesher, a miracle from the Poel Yeshuos and Tzaddik Hador.

Taking place on ג’ אייר (April 14th, 2021),thousands of Yidden are looking out with much excitement and anticipation to R’ Shaya’le’s Yarzheit. Having so much to ask for, so much to Poil, Yidden are preparing to pierce the heavens and utilize this incredible opportunity.

A call for action

As the day draws closer and closer, the grandchildren of R’ Shaye’la are reminding Klal Yisroel of the Tzaddik’s final words, his last and sacred Tzavuah before passing on to Shamayim: “As long as the acts of Chesed continue, so long will Yeshuos for Yidden live on” Calling out to Yidden everywhere to grab this opportunity and send a Pidyon to R’ Shaya’le.The founders and leaders of “Rav Lehoshia”, R’ Moshe Shmiel and R’ Meir Yehosef Rottenberg Shlita are helping R’ Shaya’le’s last words come to life.

Food for those who need it most

Rav Lehoshia serves as a backbone for impoverished mothers and fathers across Eretz Yisroel. Providing huge quantities of baby formula every single month, infants with no other means of food or nutrition are able to become satisfied, despite the dire circumstances they’re in.

Living in Eretz Yisroel, where the government does not provide any stimulus checks, welfare programs, or financial assistance, makes families more-than-ever dependent on theoutstretched arms of Rav Lehoshia.

As jobless breadwinners are sitting at homewith empty pockets and empty cupboards,so many infants are desperately crying out forfood. The situation continues to deteriorateevery day, withmore and more requestsflooding the Rav Lehoshia inbox.

This is why the organization- a direct linkto R’ Shaya’le’s Tzedukahs, is sending out adesperate appeal to Klal Yisroel.

In tough times...

As we continue to live every day in newfoundfear, so many Yidden are hoping for Yeshousand Refuos. But with a Kvittel to Reb Shaye’la,a pidyon for the Tzaddik, a shower of muchneededBruchos are bound to come.

Yidden all over the world can attest, thatby helping Reb Shaya’le’s initiatives theyhave seen many outstanding Yeshuos. Thesemodern-day stories are living testamentsto RebShaya’le’s everlasting legacy and hisprofound power while looking down at usfrom Shamayim.

On his Yahrzeit ג’ אייר” הבעל”ט “, and everyErev Rosh Chodesh, a special group ofrepresentativesDaven at the Tzion and recitethe names of those that open their heart toRav Lehoshia. They cry for Bruchos, Hatzlucha,Yeshous, Refuos, and all that Klal Yisroel sodesperately needs in these turbulent times.

Be a part of R’ Shaya’le’s legacy in honor of his 96th Yartzheit. Help feedand sustain the thousands of hungry infantsin Eretz Yisroel and poil Yeshuos for Klal Yisroel.

Sponsor a Case of Baby Formula