Reb Shaya’le lived in a small house at 65 Kossuth Utca in the Hungarian town of Bodrogkeresztúr (Kerestir). Incredibly, that modest house survived the destruction of World War II and the ravages of the Hungarian communist regime. It still stands today in its original form, seemingly untouched by time.

This was the home where thousands came in their time of need, seeking the blessing and often the supernatural intervention of the famed “miracle rabbi,” Reb Yeshaya Steiner. Others simply enjoyed the warmth and caring showered on them by the beloved Reb Shaya’le. Some sought nothing more than a roof over their heads and some warm food—often their first proper meal in weeks.

After Reb Shaya’s passing in 1925 his children continued to provide for the needy, as their father had instructed them. His home remained a calling place for the needy from all over Hungary and beyond, right up to the Holocaust. Although Reb Shayale’s home was abandoned, his descendants brought his burning desire to assist other jobs with them to Israel.

One day one of Reb Shayale’s descendants received an alarming call. A woman described the constant wailing of an infant in a neighboring apartment. The baby’s mother could not provide natural milk and could not afford the high cost of baby formula. She watered down the little formula she bought to make it last longer, but the infant was never satisfied and he cried constantly. More worryingly, he was not receiving the nourishment he needed to grow and thrive.

Reb Shayale’s descendant undertook to provide the baby formula and soon the wailing stopped. Somehow word spread and soon more and more phone calls poured in. Babies far and wide from impoverished families were not receiving the basic sustenance they needed to thrive. “Please help us feed this hungry child!”

And that’s how Rav Lehoshia was born.

Incredibly, many families in Israel cannot afford to provide the most basic needs for their babies—right now in the 21st century! 100 years after Reb Shayale’s passing the need is still here. And now, thanks to Rav Lehoshia, 100 years after his passing Reb Shayale’s legacy is also still here, extending a helping hand to those in greatest need so that Reb Shayale’s yeshuos — like the babies’ milk — will continue flowing

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