Rav Lehoshia

The Tzedaka of Reb Shaya’le—By Reb Shayale’s Descendants

Messages for Reb Shaya’le

Reb Shaya’le was famous for his successful prayers on behalf of fellow Jews in need. After his passing his kever became a focal point for prayers in the merit of the Tzadik. Tap into that merit.

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Reb Shayale’s Miracle Amulet

In his lifetime, Reb Shayale’s Miracle Amulets (kameyos yeshuah) were prized for their effectiveness. One of his descendants recreates them today especially for our sponsors.

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Formula for Blessings

Rav Lehoshia ensures no baby in Israel goes hungry by providing baby formula for infants of families in need. Sponsor a baby or more as a surefire formula for bringing blessings into your life.

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Dollar Cost of Monthly Distribution


Bottles of Baby Formula Distributed to Date


Families Helped This Year

A Glimpse Inside Rav Lehoshia

Rav Lehoshia prefers to avoid publicity and strictly guards the privacy and dignity of our recipients. Nevertheless, our Rabbonim approved this brief clip to show our sponsors what goes on at Rav Lehoshia and how much of a difference your donation makes.

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